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About Us

Welcome to Kelly!

For more than 75 years, we have been helping our customers around
the world to make the best choices, including talent, services and HR products.


Our talent is understanding yours

We are ready to support you with timely and digital innovative solutions, wherever you are.
Connect us to your team.
We use technology to keep in touch with the best talent, we go beyond traditional methods to help you achieve your goals.


A dialogue that matters

We believe that behind every great company there are great people.
This is why we start from the person, not just from the job description, creating important contacts for candidates and companies.
Our selection approach places dialogue on’professional aspirations and results at the centre of the recruitment experience.

Our consultants know the professionals you are looking for and speak their own language.

They have the same training and have worked for the same companies.

Our candidates know that we are more than just recruiters.

We know that every one of us is different. We are unique, you are unique, and therefore also our work is too.

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Can we help you to create your successful team?
Together we can make a difference.

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