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Driven by technology, empowered by people.

Why choose us?

Today the IT & Digital sector is rooted in business everywhere, and is at the heart of Digital Transformation processes
all over the world.

Industry role skills are a strategic element for the success of your business.

It is necessary to have all the tools to respond to market challenges and overcome them effectively.

The key is specialization, to be innovative and a little more performing every day than the previous one.

The Kelly IT & Digital Team specializes in attracting qualified talents using a constantly updated network: from the most operational technical profiles to managerial positions.

The most requested roles range from IT programmer, hardware technician, database administrator, network system administrator to IT Security.

Our consultants know the methods and technologies of the sector, allowing a thorough and accurate analysis of IT & Digital profiles.

The most sought-after profiles

Web Manager| SEO/SEM ManagerCommunity ManagerDigital Project Manager|  Digital Strategic Account| E-Commerce Manager| Publisher ManagerCustomer Relationship Manager| Web Sales AccountData ScientistCreative Director| Web Developer| Mobile Developer


Image 2021 08 17 T09 32 18
Image 2021 08 17 T09 32 18

We are ready to support you with timely and digital innovative solutions, wherever you are.