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Finance & Accounting

We know how to make your ends meet.

Why choose us?

We know that skilled talent in finance roles are critical to your productivity and business results.
Thanks to Team Kelly Finance & Accounting, we will not only put you in touch with the best talents, but you will be sure that they will be the right choice for your company.
Our task is to understand which mix of skills and characteristics make a person the right choice for your company. Likewise, which companies offer the best environment to cultivate the unique skills of
our candidates.
We put you in touch, certain that you are the right choice for the other.
Kelly Consultants have a long and successful career path in HR services and a deep understanding of the financial sector, particularly in the insurance industry since 2011.
We offer you the best solution to reach the right talents at every level, from high-potential junior profiles to qualified managerial profiles.

Our areas of expertise

Auditing | Tax onsultancy | Insurance |Banking​ | Management control General accountancy| Credit management | M&A | HR & Administration | Risk management ​


Image 2021 08 17 T09 27 34
Image 2021 08 17 T09 27 34

We are ready to support you with timely and digital innovative solutions, wherever you are.